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thy people lord we pray ♪ ♪ by a thousand snares surrounded ♪ keep us without sin today ♪ ♪ never let us be confounded ♪ ♪ lo i put my trust in thee ♪ ♪ never lord abandon me ♪ ♪ lo i put my trust in thee ♪ ♪ never lord abandon me ♪ >>> good morning. in the name of the very reverend father patrick woods, the provincial superior of the redemocraters of the baltimore province, and the entire redemocraters community, it is my privilege to welcome you this morning to the basilica of our mother of perpetual help, affectionately known as mission church. most eminent cardinal sean o'malley, archbishop of boston, welcome once again to this basilica. the redemptors brothers and fathers are grateful for the many occasions you've joined with us here and we look forward to many future visits. we gather today with sadness, but with hope as we mark the passing of the distinguished senior senator from massachusetts, the honorable edward moore kennedy. to mrs. kennedy, and all the family, we offer our sincere condolences and prayers. in this place of faith and hope and healing,
. a terrific hour coming your way. daily beast gerald posenor joins us and scott horton, defense attorney rebecca rose-wood land and richard engel in afghanistan and ron allen is with the president in martha's vineyard. we want to start by fast forwarding through the top headlines. in afghanistan four u.s. troops killed in a bomb blast. that brings the death toll to 41 americans killed there this month making it the second deadliest month in afghanistan since the 2001 invasion. >>> canadian police say they have identified the woman who brought ryan jenkins to a british columbia hotel where he eventually committed suicide. police aren't releasing her name. only saying that she is a person of interest in the case. >>> president obama has renominated ben bernanke as the chairman of the federal reserve. now, the president interrupted his week-long vacation on martha's vineyard to make the announcement. >> the financial system on verge of collapse with calm and wisdom and bold action and out of the box thinking that has helped put the brakes on our economic free-fall. >> ben bernanke then prai
to come together this morning. they came back to talk to us. two of them knew each other, one didn't. i was talking to one of the woman's mother and she was watching them and saying, i didn't understand how important this would be because there is no one else who can understand what they're feeling. >> thank you very much for the update there and of course we're learning more details about this cold-blooded killer. >> that's right. disturbing picture that's been painted of him and as we hear about the effort to try to process everything that's happened, the bigger picture is still what was it like in that aerobics class when the gunman went on his rampage. among those wounds, the instructor, who was pregnant. she spoke briefly today from her hospital bed, but did not want to appear on camera. >> 30 hours ago -- >> okay, that was obviously one of the two american journalists. here's the right sound bite. she does not want to be identified. >> i remember thinking, i wanted to hold my breath because i was afraid if he saw i was breathing, he would shoot again. >> on the "today" show this m
economists, does it pick up speed and momentum? but these guys have been telling us, well, for the number really to go down, we actually have to see job creation and we still haven't had a month of job creation. >> speaking of job creation, that cash for clunkers program that an initial billion dollars pa put into, now another $2 billion could lead to some 400,000 additional cars, which some car manufacturers may lead to some hiring because their inventories are light. is the white house talking about that expectation that the $2 billion could begin to stimulate hiring which may have a ripple impact, at least in the hard-hit areas of michigan and tennessee and some of the other car manufacturing hubs? >> i do think that they like the fact that you're seeing the states that are taking the most advantage of this cash for clunkers are some of these states and some of these harder hit manufacturing places like ohio, like indiana. so that is something that they are happy about. but, you know, you take to some analysts here and august is sometimes is a big car buying month anyway, i believe. i'
shows 72% of voters are concerned about health reform driving up the deficit. joining us now. senate majority leader, dick durbin. good to talk to you. what did you come away with from talking to the president in terms of addressing what seems to be an overarching concern for americans? yes, they want health care reform, but not a deficit so deep it cripples their children and grandchildren. >> the president's already said we're not going to have health care reform we don't pay for. it's something the republican critics can't say about what they did. they left a deep deficit from the prips drug program. we know if we don't address health care reform, we're going to have deficits as far as the eye can see and we know the cost is beyond the reach of a lot of working families and small businesses. >> when you're sitting down in committee and talking about which of these plans to go forward, are there any plans that you see that you particularly like and think, you know what, we can make this work. >> there are element of many plans. there have been four different committees so far. the
the, saying help us debunk the myth and tell us your story about why health care reform is necessary, saying that the greatest myth of all is that 2 wasn't needed. so i think they are trying to start to actively engage the american people, even more. i mean, obviously with a very busy summer for the president. but it will be interesting to see what they do once people start coming back from vacation, once the president's vacation is all wrapped up, if they really continue this health care focus other maybe shift and focus on the economy since the issue isn't necessarily a winning one for them right now. >> christina bellatony from the "washington times." thanks for the update. >> and now some are wondering where is the change that president obama promised while on the campaign trial, from iraq to afghanistan, guantanamo bay, and the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. certainly change was a key word, and he spoke about it when he accepted the democratic nomination for president. >> now is the time to finally keep the promise of affordable, accessible health care for
and one of the men may have a broken leg. >>> u.s. troops in afghanistan launched a new operation to uproot taliban fighters ahead of next week's presidential election. eastern result two is designed to make months of stalemate in the south where the taliban remained entrenched. >>> host of a crime show in brazil is accused of ordering five killings and sent tv cameras to arrive to the scene before police. he faces several weapons charges and drug charge and yet to be charged directly with the murders. >>> a short time ago, president obama hosted a reception for newly confirmed supreme court justice sonia sotomayor. the president praised her and called her an inspiration to many. >> this moment is not just about her. it's about every child who will grow up thinking to him or herself if sonia sotomayor can make it, then maybe i can, too. >> sotomayor is the first hispanic and third woman to sit on the supreme court. i want to introduce this morning my guest co-host, pleased to have back again angela bert-yur murray and will be with me for the hour. >>> one town hall down and two mo
and david, the critics are ld coming out saying we have allowed bill clinton to be used as a propaganda tool. john boulton, of course, who was the hardliner in the bush administration, saying that we are rewarding essentially north korea's bad behavior, and pointing out that bill clinton was met on the ground there when he got off the plane there with the lead north korean negotiator when it comes to these nuclear arms negotiations. so you're doing to hear the critics talking about what went on there. >> anothnorah, we are talking a whether you might have the story line tomorrow is bill clinton upstaging secretary of state clinton. a lot of people got a little upset with us on twitter saying we're making up story lines, but you have incredible dynamics. it's not every day in this country where you have a secretary of state who is powerful who is a clinton and her husband is a former president able to go into north korea and secure the release and meet face-to-face with kim jong-il. there are so many dynamics at play, and it is all a part of an incredible conversation. >> this is probably the
they're going to have reconciliation, the idea of putting us through with democrats only. they want to hold that over the heads of this deal in order to encourage republicans to stay at the table. >> and what about any reaction yet to the numbers today? 59% of people polled in this quinnipiac poll saying they shouldn't do this alone. they want to see something bipartisan done. >> that's always an answer you're going to get from the public. the public always claims they want a shird party, too, if you ask them. wouldn't it be nice to have a third party to compete. you would get a big number for that, but this is one of those where the result is always going to look stronger and the idea of bipartisanship than reality. i guess i wouldn't take that poll question -- i wouldn't say that that poll question is the be all, end all issue. >> got you. thank you so much. good to see you. >>> and now, "the bigger picture." there's a whole new level of misinformation that seems to be stoking republican protesters showing up at town halls across the country. case in point, last night at a senior
. when he leaves the air space is my guess is when we will wear officially from the u.s. government on this? >> incredible. >>> and tamron, now to the big picture, never mind the incredible story would be if those two journalists were able to come out with bill clinton, what about bill clinton's new role back on the world stage? it wasn't too long ago that clinton was seen as a potential liability for the obama administration. the story in "newsweek" about president clinton's migs and this trip could be clinton's second chance in pyongyang. this still marks a big moment for kim, it's a sort of recognition that the north korean leader has been eager to have for more than a decade. bill clinton man all but absent from the news since obama took office. so as the president's post white house legacy continues to be shaped, how much of it might be shaped by views overseas. kevin sullivan is a "washington post" foreign editor, and kevin is it also the expectation overseas that bill clinton is going to come out of north korean with these two american journalists? >> i think everyone believe
found the numbers encouraging. >> we received additional signs that the worst may be behind us. though we lost 247,000 jobs in july, that was nearly 200,000 fewer jobs lost than in june and far fewer than the nearly 700,000 jobs a month that we were losie ining at the beginni the year. today, we're pointed in the right direction. we're losing jobs at less than half the rate we were when i took office. >> and more fuel for the economy. president obama signed legislation today extending the extremely popular cash for clunkers program. the senate gave final approval last night for an additional $2 billion to provide rebates of up to $4500 for new, fuel-efficient vehicles. >>> mark sanford's wife says she's moving out out of the governor's mansion. >> in a statement she just released, she says quote, i am so thankful for the prayers we have received. it is with this support and after much careful and prayerful consideration, that i've decided to move back to charleston with our sons for the school year. from there, we will continue to process of healing our family. the governor just releas
there's anybody that serves in the u.s. congress now that could possibly be missed by the american people as much as ted kennedy. >> and here with me now, nbc news anchor and managing editor and nightly news anchor and managing editor brian williams. the legacy, when you think about health care, incomplete of course but it was the passion of his life but the issues -- gun control, of course, sparked by the horrible tragedies to his brothers. where do you begin when we talk about what ted kennedy represents domestically and internationally because of his opposition to the war? >> well, we can prove it with a negative. there isn't a major piece of social legislation over the past four decades that wasn't touched by ted kennedy. and, andrea, as you know, being a long-time washington resident covering the scene there, there were fancier committees he could have put his flag in the ground and dug into, but he did a lot of his work on labor and human resources as it was called. decidedly unsexy, but it's work stretched into american life. and he was able to do things for the people he wo
situation? nbc's mike viqueira joins us now from the white house with all the answers, as always. so, mike, we'll start with that. how much longer can he go back and be referring to president bush? >> you know, it's interesting with all the good -- i guess good economic news, we can go ahead and call it now that we had last friday with the gdp report as the president himself mentioned today in the rose garden, today's unexpected news that the unemployment rate dropped 0.1%, i think the white house is eager to get out there and point out these things are happening and they're not bashful about the fact that while the claim that the stimulus package, which has caused them so much political heartache now, the numbers of the polls going down in terms of the american's approval of the president's handling of the economy and the deficit, republicans getting traction and criticizing him about the stimulus program and a perceived lack of effectiveness, white house not shy about saying the stimulus is in fact in large of a lot of this. robert gibbs summed it up. i think the president has had a pret
. savannah guthrie now joins us. savannah, interesting to see the kind of white house dance, or just as reverend jesse jackson has done a number of these kind of individual missions said an hour earlier, so is that to be expected? the white house needs a little distance from this? >> i think it's to be expected, especially at this moment when the former president is still in north korea. this is very delicate, trying to secure the release of these two american journalists. the white house may want to say something but it's not going to say anything until those journalists are safe and that is the reason. interesting, though, that they did reach out to say this is a private mission and that may be in service of the former president's goals over there. i think we will hear more of the back story. it's hard to imagine the former president, so connected to the current administration by hillary clinton, his wife, the secretary of state, wouldn't have the overt approval from the white house to do this but you're not going to hear that from the white house today. >> savannah, you know, one
the focus quietly turns to who should fill his seat. >>> pirates off the coast of somalia fire at a u.s. navy helicopter but they miss. how will the u.s. military respond? we're following that. we've got breaking news. >>> is governor mark sanford buckling under pressure? we expect to hear from him literally in moments. we'll put the spotlight on other governors who could be shown the door in the next six to 12 months. i'm carlos watson with a terrific show coming your way this hour. massachusetts attorney general potential replacement joins us, another person who figures prominently, former congressman meehan, columnist joe lawrence joins us. we're also joined by retired u.s. army jack jacob. we begin with breaking news, though. at least 18 people are dead after a bomb blast along the pakistan-afghanistan border. a suicide bomber approached a security opponent on foot and detonated explosives. also developing this hour in california, hundreds of firefighters are battling two wildfires in southern california today. millions of nearby residents are being warned about the toxic air levels
a spoof that's also becoming quite a big hit out there. >>> the u.s. military just found the remains of a u.s. navy pilot who was shot down during the first few days of the first iraq war more than 18 years ago. lieutenant commander scott speicher was originally declared dead but his status later changed to missing because his remains were never found. nbc's jim miklaszewski joins us from washington with all those details. things have changed now, mick. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alex. sho shortly after the iraqi came forward, the u.s. military, the pentagon, even then-secretary of defense dick cheney were so convinced back there on the first day of the gulf war in 1991 that scott speicher was killed when his f/a-18 hornet was shot down in western iraq that he was declared dead. but subsequently because his body was never found, and in fact the wreckage was eventually located and his flight suit was found intact. it raised the possibility he in fact survived the shootdown of his fighter jet and he may have been taken into iraqi custody. under saddam hussein in an iraqi
understand the voting the underway. we just saw senator al franken speaking a short time ago. give us some perspective on the politics of this. we know the senators leaving are not, may vote for sonia sotomayor's con fir makfirmatic the political angle, especially with those with a growing hispanic population. >> that's right. obviously, al franken is the most junior senator. it's only democrats who serve as presiding officers. but you're right. ever since this nomination was even first floated, the name of sonia sotomayor, the first thing that came up was that wise latina remark and has been a focal point. republicans have strived for years to secure a significant portion if not a majority of the hispanic vote around this country. they failed in that very dramatically in the last presidential election of course, stepping back a considerable amount in terms of the percentage of that vote they were able to obtain. i think what you saw as a consequence is republicans mindful of the fact that they're the base of the party, the republican party, and the democratic party for that matter, wants
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. remember in the middle of last year suv used prices plunged dramatically as gas prices shot up. many people said, if i go in and trade this in for a smaller car, i'm not getting much. i'm better off just riding it out and figuring at some point in the future when i feel more comfortable with the economy how to get rid of this suv. now they have a chance with the government saying here is $4500 and the chance to get into a fuel efficient car, that's the impetus a lot of people are using to say i can make the monthly payments work. >> phil, thank you. >>> the goals of this program were to improve the environment, boost the economy and help consumers. here are my big questions on cash for clunkers. if it accomplishes those goals, why not fund it to a greater degree? on the other hand, why is the government responsible forgetting people new cars, and automakers an improved bottom line? i do think the government is responsible for improving the environment. so the question here, would $2 billion be better spent investing in alternative energy? i'm going to try to get some answers on those questi
shultz is joining us in the studio. here are the top headlines. nbc news obtained dramatic video of the air collision over the hudson river. it's incredibly disturbing to watch. a warning to people. it captured the moment where a plane and helicopter collided and killed all nine board. >>> a final farewell to eunice shriver kennedy. friends and family are gathered today in massachusetts to say good-bye to the 88-year-old humanitarian who is most notably associated with the founding of the special olympics. >>> thousands pay their respects to navy pilot scott speicher who has shot down during the 1991 gulf war and remembered as a hero to his family and his country. >> he represents the best of the best. he was committed to living by a higher standard than most. he honored his family. he honored this community and he truly honored our great nation. >> speicher's remains were just identified a few weeks ago. >>> i want to introduce my co-host this morning. each morning on msnbc live, i welcome someone to join me for the morning. pleased to have back carrie ellerksvelt. what an inter
-flopped on facebook. >>> the fight over flight. the south carolina governor mark sanford use the state plane for personal business? it looks that way. and a controversy is putting his future up in the air yet again. >>> and why is jon minus kate? kate goslyn gives an exclusive interview about why the couple split. >>> and the hotown hall brawler are rowdy, but are they unamerican? you'll see if others think they're crossing the line. good afternoon, everybody. welcome back. i'm david shuster live in washington. >> i'm cameron hall live in new york. good afternoon, everyone. in the big picture, health care town hall. david, as we know, they've been disrupt add cross the country. some have even turned violent. now there is a report of someone bringing in a gun to a meet and greet, not a town hall, but still nonetheless a member of congress present. a visitor dropped a gun and picked it up at a meet and greet event held at an arizona grocery store last week. now her aides did call police after fearing for the lawmaker's safety. no one, thankfully, injured in that. nobody arrested. meanwhile, pr
and the heliports used. there's a lot of activity that generates a lot of commerce. but from areas around here, there are those who are adamant that there needs to be restrictions imposed on flying through this corridor. there are several busy airports. there is a lot of traffic in this corridor that's about a mile wide and as much as ten miles long from the statue of lib torte george washington bridge. and there could be as many as ten to 20 aircraft in that area at any given time. there are some members of congress that call it the wild, wild west, for example, giving you some indication of how concerned they are about that. so that is the issue going forward as well as what hatches here on the bottom of the hudson. the search for the plane continues. they think they have found most of the helicopter and there are still two bodies yet to be recovered. contessa? >> ron, thank you. we'll be watching for the ntsb briefing that happens at 3:00 p.m. eastern. >>> thanks to a judge's decision in los angeles, we'll see michael jackson perform one more time at least digit alally. >> they approved a $
about. >> linda, thank you for joining us, we do appreciate you representing what the president is hoping to get out of health care reform. >>> we have some breaking news to get to. louisville, kentucky, pounded by heavy rain. >> the national weather service has declared a state of emergency. some areas have received over a half a foot of rain in the last few hours. >> susie lackey in kentucky sent us this video from her son who's in old louisville. and then videos that our viewers have sent in that have gotten stuck in high water. >> when you have 6 1/2 inches of rain in one hour, which is the most we have ever had in recorded history, it's pretty bad. all the underpasses are full. i have just come from the university of louisville, buildings are surrounded by water. we just had to get a swift water rescue boats in to move people out of those biuildings. we have four inches or so of water at churchill downs. the animal control facility, all the dogs and cats, they're under water, we we're trying to get them out to other shelters. another storm is about to hit us with 50-mile-pe
is with him, and thing that's true for all of us. this is a joyous time, but it's also a sobering time. >> still his cancer battle does not dampen his spirit. >> when the kennedy story is told a hundred years from now, it will have to be told as each brother fell, the next one took over. joe jr. died in world war ii and then jack kennedy became the kennedy to take the banner of political life forward for the family. when jack died, it was bobby. and when bobby died, it was teddy. and that after they were all dead he remained on the scene for decades as a public figure, as a senator, and somebody who believed in the causes that they had believed in and tried to carry them forward. >> senator edward kennedy spent decades in congress fighting for liberal causes. his legacy, public service, and his concern for america's least powerful. as he said so many years ago, the work goes on, the cause endures, and the dream will never die. that's all for this edition of "headliners & legends." i'm lester holt. thanks for watching. >>> the kennedy brothers they stirred the country's blood and madden
shocking. opponents are voicing their concerns across the country. >> you work for us! you work for us! you work for us! you work for us! >> conservative activists are vowing to keep up their fight, insisting they are part of a ground-level movement that represents real frustration with government spending and growth. meantime, president obama's defending the plan this morning in his weekly address. >> so let me explain what reform will mean for you, and let me start by dispelling the outland beish rumors that reform will promote euthanasia or cut medicaid or bring about a government takeover of health care. that's simply not true. >> joining me live now from washington, d.c. is erin billings, deputy editor for roll call. good morning. >> good morning, alex. >> are the president's words going to be heard over the angry cries at the town hall meetings? >> well, i mean, certainly these town halls are captivating and they're capturing the media attention and the american public's attention. however, the president has the bully pulpit and he's going to go out on the road again and he's going to
threatened to assault a suspect's mother in front of him. nbc jim miklaszewski joins us live from the pentagon. is this the case of some bad apples who went beyond the guidelines who are simply going to be isolated and out possibly prosecuted? >> reporter: that's exactly what it sounds like, davidf. all indications from the justice department is this will not go any higher than those individual who is may have been involved in violating anti-torture laws in terms of the aggressive interrogation techniques they used. the cia was fully expecting that actually before the aclu filed a lawsuit forcing the cia to release a 2004 report by the cia inspector general into those aggressive interrogation techniques which allegedly detailed some of the violations -- alleged violations of the anti-torture laws. but it could go much further than that in terms of actual prosecutions because, as you said, today the attorney general, eric holder, appointed a special prosecutor, john durham, to look into the possibility that there were, in fact, criminal violations that some of these interrogations
on these reports as proof that spending is out of control. joining us to talk about the message war is nbc news washington bureau chief mark whitaker. standard and perhaps a smart move by the obama administration to try to move the focus on bernanke knowing these reports were coming out. >> i think it was widely expected bernanke would be reappointed. as you said, he's given credit for averting another depression. he was a student of the first great depression at princeton, but the two things are actually related. not only does announcing his appointment today take away attention from these new estimates on the long-term deficit, $9 trillion, but i think it also perhaps more importantly reassures both people in washington but also our overseas creditors who are going to finance that deficit that in keeping on bernanke, there is a plan not only to address the immediate crisis which we seem to be pulling out of, but that the fed will remain at work trying to get those deficiting down over the long term. this is something bernanke has been talking about from the very beginning. >> mark, how much d
have to go it alone, use that 60 vote majority. they have special procedures in place that would not require them to get 60 votes on many major components of this health care reform bill. they have a deadline of october 15th deciding whether or not to pull the trigger on that. that hangs over these negotiations as we move through august when congress is on recess and into the fall. so a lot riding on this meeting here today. nobody is quite sure where this is all going to go. one thing, carlos, one final thing is, it appears that what is emerging from these senate negotiations is a plan without a public option. how they are going to thread the needle with the house of representatives eventually. nancy pelosi's democrats are going to insist on that public option, that's something that i am really dying to see as we move into the fall here. >> i'm here with jon hillsenenr, ath. several republicans, not just liberal, chuck grassley of iowa, that's interesting to me. i would think ultimately a real struggle for those republicans when all is said and done to really cooperate with the
$180 million in bailouts. joining us live is eric dash, business reporter for the "new york times." what exactly is the process going to look like? >> over the past few weeks, kenneth feinberg has been meeting with these banks and automakers and saying look, here's what you need to provide. tomorrow, they're going to be handing in those materials. he's going to be looking at the top 25 earners from last year at the companies and then he's going to be able to look at the next 75 top earners and how compensation is set for those. it's about 100 people at the companies. >> so how much money did you bring in, your compensation and how much fairness is there. >> and is it guaranteed. did you have a contract in advance that said we're going to pay you this amount no matter how you perform. >> but the issue is about this guy at citigroup who ran an energy fund who made a lot of money. he made a lot of money for the firm and he had a contract that said, you get a cut of what you make and i mean, that's -- a deal's a deal. right? that's part of the problem. it sounds outrageous. at the sam
, as the closing bell rings on wall street b a minute and change ago. u.s. stocks surging higher today on some positive economic news, up about 150 points or so on the dow today, which is very good news. things were up on the nasdaq as well as the s&p. so it's a good way to end the week all the way around and the chairman of the federal reserve says the u.s. economy is, indeed, on the road to recovery. ben bernanke told attendees at the annual fed conference in jackson hole, wyoming, today that economic activity at both the u.s. and around the world seems to be leveling off. it also looks like the u.s. housing market is rebounding but faster than expected. sales of previously-owned homes rose 7.2% in july, and it was the fourth straight month of increases and the highest level of sales since august of 2007. >>> and, alex, now the big picture at this hour. former members of the bush administration are out in force today attempting to discredit tom ridge, the first head of the homeland security department. ridge has a new book coming out claims he was pressured to raise the terror threat level o
clyburn and yvette clark and clint vanzandt and fran treasure drescher joins us live in the studio. >>> first, the top headlines. thousands of southern california residents fleeing wildfires there. hundreds of homes are threatened near a trump national golf club in rancho pal verdas. propers are worried a key evidence may have been tainted in jackson's house and key evidence may have been skipped entirely. >>> president obama taking flak for biking without a helmet. he went helmet-free during a bike ride with his family there. the first lady played it safe with a daughter and the two daughters followed massachusetts law requiring anyone under 16 has to wear a helmet while biking. >>> right now mourners paying their final respect to the senator edward kennedy. this, in fact, if you take a peek here, a live look at the john f. kennedy presidential library in boston where the senator's body lies in repose until later this afternoon. mike taibbi is there and joins us from boston. it's amazing. they were saying even last night at midnight there were 6,000 people still out on the streets
most of all, despite their human frailties, they called us to a higher and, yes, nobler cause. >> all three men, wherever they may live, are citizens of berlin, and, therefore, as a free man i take pride in the words -- everyone here will ultimately be judged, will ultimately judge himself on the efforts he has contributed to building a new world society. >> it is the glory and the greatness of our tradition to speak for those who have no voice, to remember those who are forgotten. >> the four kennedy brothers all died in the service of our country. joe in world war ii, jack as president, bobby fighting to end a war, and teddy fighting for national health care. we'll remember them by how they made politics, government, and our national life itself so much grander, so much more exciting, more vital. yet they were tough, and, yes, they made a difference. and for the longest time, they took our breath away. >> ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. >> for msnbc, i'm chris matthews. thanks for watching. >>> incredible impact. i noticed ever
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at brave new films who produced that documentary. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> is the open that you get some of that outrage you saw when we first heard some of the enormous bonuses wall street was receiving, are you looking for that pitchfork anger from bailout rage that so many people had? >> what we're looking to do is focus the debate and as you said before, number one, go on offense, but, number two, it's really important that people understand steven helmsley is making over $100,000 every single hour in 2009, and you know the way he's doing it? bide by denying you care. by preventing your family from having health insurance and paying out the clamenims. this is a direct relationship. he makes millions of dollars by not paying the health care -- >> we heard from the white house they were going to get people from all sides of this conversation in and you were going to have people from the health insurance, from prescription drugs all together to come up with a plan. were we sold a bag of coal with that? >> well, the white house does what it will do. what we need to do a
becoming a hit. >>> we have this breaking new toss get to. >>> the u.s. military has just found the remains of a u.s. navy pilot shot down during the first few days of the first iraq war more than 18 years ago. lieutenant commander scott speicher was originally declared dead. then his status was later changed to missing because his remains were never found. we will be talking with nbc's jim miklaszewski with more details from washington. >> reporter: good morning, alex. it was an early july that a couple of iraqis approached the u.s. military in iraq and said, you know that pilot who went missing 18 years ago and was believed to be dead originally and then declared only missing, we think we know where he is. and one iraqi led the u.s. military to a site in on bar province in western iraq. he said he had personally witnessed the plane going down and that the body had been buried the body of lieutenant commander scott speicher. as you said fshlgs he was declared dead on the first day of the iraq war in 1991. then when there were reports and some speculation because the body was never found, i
i call him my friend and sometimes with the u.s. news and world report. what do you make of what is going on with the stock market? we've seen a tremendous rally the last several months and some people seem to pull back. the dow and other exchanges seem to grab some of that back yesterday. some 80 points. what do you make? >> well, i think there's a general concern that the consumer is not spending and 70% of our economy is based on consumer spending. if that goes down by 4% or 5% or %, it's a huge drop to the economy, therefore, it means perhaps a lot of these stocks are overpriced. what has been the concern that as emerged recently is poor numbers in terms of what the consumer is spending. it is a real concern for the stock market. >> what does that say to you when you hear some of the retail analysts, whether at the higher end or whether they are target and others say they expect things to return to normal, perhaps middle of 2010? is that just pie in the sky or are they just pushing off number or is there some real rational behind saying i expect, you know, third quarter of 20
? joining us is one of the most influential progressives. your reaction to the president's approach as it continues today? >> well, the president is in trouble on health care, and i would say that that's because he is losing progressives. we realized i would say mid-june that max baucus was designing his co-op plan in order to take the place of a true public plan that obama had campaigned on, and jacob hacker, the architect of president obama's plan, was on a conference call this morning and told myself and other reporters that he saw the co-op plan as a trojan horse. basically, something that would destroy everything that progressives believe in. so in june we began our program trying to get progressive members of the house to commit to vote against any bill that didn't have a strong public plan and that public plan did not equal co-ops, and so hence the letter. >> you raised something like over $200,000 for people who want to stay with the public option and say the bill will not pass. aside from that, the president and his sort of conciliatory approach to republicans, what's going
by some of these mob scenes. >> jeff, it's interesting. there are also different views within the u.s. senate. i talked yesterday to kent conrad of north dakota, chuck schumer of new york. they had somewhat different views on how important this was. let's take a listen. >> so august, in your view, is not the month when health care dies? >> well, i hope not, but you can see what's going on. there are groups that are out agitating, trying to disrupt public meetings with specific strategies they have put on the internet on how to disrupt meetings. shouting, yelling. people in different parts of the room with a very orchestrated script on how to disrupt public meetings. i mean, is that what we've come to in the united states, people functioning as thugs in meetings, shouting people down? >> i was at a street fair saturday. i could tell the people who were really concerned than those trying to spread false information. that's politics. >> jeff, let me ask you, from the democratic side, you mentioned that the pro-obama organizers are out there. labor unions who are very passionate about thi
in afghanistan? the top u.s. commander says the taliban now actually holds the upper hand while the jury is still out on whether the president's revamped strategy is taking hold. >>> nobel prize winning economist declares the world has aremembered averted a great second depression. is the government the solution? we have a terrific lineup this hour. democratic congressman and senate challenger joe sestak stops by and u.s. news and world reporter peter roth and ryan ellis and tim martin and del castilla will be with us. chuck todd is at the white house in addition and richard engel will report live from us from afghanistan. >>> recovery crews resumed operations this morning following tragic mid air collision over the hudson river. nine people were killed in the disaster involving a private plane and tourist helicopter. >>> predawn bombings in iraq killed 40 people. the blast are the latest major round of attack since u.s. forces withdrew from iraq's urban areas in june. >>> pennsylvania authorities say the man who killed three women and himself during a shooting rampage was questioned by police a
implication of the message. this way, waiting until now, it's not as effective, it's not a useful. >> do you ever see -- i mean, we all wish for that, but have you seen very often people stand newspaper the moment and speak out? are there examples on your mind? >> watergate. attorney general. >> elliott richardson? >> right. saying this is wrong. i'm out of here. yeah. it's been done. it takes a lot to do it, i think, because you're a member of a party, a member of the team, you don't want to injure them too much at the time. colin powell, kol pin powell was seduced and was misinformed and his impleting was integrity was beyond question. he was one of the most popular officials we've ever had. >> probably was the tipping point in some real ways, that testimony for the u.n. >> exactly right. >> in terms of going to war. >> now, i think it took a while before he became convinced himself that he had been misled. but i'm sure if he had known on the spot right after it, he would have stepped off immediately. >> i'm going to switch a topic a bit as we bring in our white house correspondent savanna
the next hour. "time" magazine assistant editor is bus and sharon waxman is also with us and joining me is my co-host karen finney. former deputy press secretary for hillary clinton. the big story today. two u.s. journalists held prisoner in north korea are safely home now in california. shortly after the plane touched down, president obama spoke from the white house saying he is extraordinarily relieved that they are home safe. >> i want to thank president bill clinton. i had a chance to talk to him for the extraordinary humanitarian effort. i think that not only is this white house, obviously, extraordinarily happy, but all americans should be grateful to both former president clinton and vice president gore for their extraordinary work. >> let's get right to nbc's jay gray who is in burbank, california. jay, i can only imagine what that homecoming was like, given that the two women, the two journalists had been held captured here for several months going back to march. >> yeah. just an amazing day and good morning to you, carlos. it was one of those goosebump moments that you see, ju
connection to people there. democratic senator john rockefeller of west virginia joins us on the phone. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> let me get your reaction to what we've seen today from the moment where you have the entire kennedy family standing outside the compound watching the casket draped in that american flag to what we're seeing now on the streets of boston. >> what he deserves. >> what he deserves. simple words, powerful moment. what are your feelings right now about he deserves and what he's left behind for all americans? >> there's so many ways of looking at ted kennedy, and they're all favorable. they're all lucky for america. you know, we've lost him, and he was already a giant, and now i think he becomes even more of a giant and continues to affect american life and make us fight harder and try to work together more as he did in the senate and elsewhere. a joiner of people, a fighter for causes who never talked about himself, was in pain ever since he had that airplane accident in 1961, which is when i met him, and never talked about that, never talked about himse
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to you again, courtney. >> good morning. >> what can you tell us about this doctor? >> well, this doctor, dr. allen met garr, he now becomes the fourth doctor that we know of who has been subpoenaed in some connection with michael jackson's death. i'm told the total number could be somewhere near five or six doctors altogether. this is the fourth now that we definitely know of. his attorney said this, jackson was looking for propofol, and dr. metzger turned him down and advised him how dangerous it was. apparently jackson was shopping around for the drug and looking for someone to administer it to him. definitely dovetailed with everything we've been hearing all along, which was jackson was asking people for the drug. he had been told repeatedly that it was dangerous. and he shouldn't have it. and -- but he finally did find someone who was administer to it -- administer that drug to him, and that's dr. conrad murray. >> okay. so what more details are we learning about him today? >> well, we found out, i don't know last night on "dateline" we found out dr. murray was giving jackson propof
would leave the senate seat open until after a special election. joining us now on the phone to talk about this is nbc's ann thompson in hyannis port, massachusetts. kennedy says he's been thinking about this for a while. tell us more about that. >> he has. the letter sent to governor patrick and delivered yesterday was dated july 2nd of this year. it says it lays out a request by senator kennedy that essentially says, look, i think we should amend the state law. he's not asking for anything special but amend the state law through the legislative process to give the governor the power to appoint an interim senator between the time of the vacancy and the special election and he -- and kennedy said that person should promise not to run in the special election, so that person does not have an advantage going into that election. but what is unspoken in this letter is the issue of health care reform. health care for everyone and health care that is affordable for everyone has been the issue of senator kennedy's life. he has fought for four decades now in the u.s. senate for that issue and
savannah guthrie joins us now. good to see you. >> hey, carlos. >> where do we stand? we know on sunday, kathleen sebelius seemed to say it wasn't essential. we heard a lot of liberal -- anthony wiener and now the white house seems to be saying, you know what? maybe we misspoke. where do things stand? >> well, look. to hear the white house tell it, it all is because the reporters who heard those comments overwrote their stories and created this whole donniebrook and that caused members of congress to get upset. this is entirely a media creation. that's the white house position. robert gibbs said again this morning in our briefing off camera the white house has been boringly consistent on this, on this issue of the public option. in some ways, that really is true. any times we've asked him over the last few months, would the president sign a bill if it doesn't have a public option? he has always said the public option is the preference. they want choice and competition and that there are other ideas that will accomplish those goals, they are open to them. that is true. the white house ha
-- it is not under air traffic control. there are charts, sectional charts. the problem is the helicopters use a helicopter en route chart. the airplanes don't know about -- many of the airplane operators may not know about this chart or if it exists or the use of it which clearly depicts the routing and checkpoints. >> ntsb is saying that this plane was making some sort of a turn and climbing at about 1,100 feet, which having crossed 1,100 feet the plane would have gone into a different kind of airspace. right in then faa would be joining in this conversation? >> it is up to the pilot to switch to the frequency to enter the airspace. if he was climbing to 1,100 feet or above into that airspace, he would be up on frequency with the appropriate authority. >> but speaking as a pilot, if you are climbing and you're at that altitude making a turn while climbing, presumably you're trying to get out of that space. right? you're making a shift change, a directional change. how difficult as a pilot is it to see what's going on around you while climbing? are you focused looking up? do you look to the s
troubles. their preachers get real with us this hour. >>> this woman, a teacher, accused of having sex with a 15-year-old student and paying him huge sums, essentially turning him into a male prostitute. all that ahead, but, first, the big story this hour. any time the cia will release a report that will release terror suspects and word that could lead to an investigation into actions by the bush administration. it comes just hours after the white house announced it will create an oversee if special terrorism unit. with me now pete williams. is the announcement of this new interrogation unit tied in any way to the potential for an investigation? >> you know, certainly tied to the release of the inspector general's report today, absolutely. that was all planned to be today. this group is basically going to do two things that white house. they're going to oversee the interrogation practices and a unit based in the fbi with someone in the intelligence community helping to form it and they'll form an elite group of people that could fly around the world on short notice and supervise and ca
, and to the complete strangers with the kindness of hearts who showed us so much love, we could feel your love all the way in north korea. it is what kept us going in the darkest of hours. it is what sustained our faith that we would come home. >> shortly after the women returned, president obama called former president clinton to thank him for going to north korea. the president praised both clinton and gore for their work. >> we are obviously extraordinarily relieved. my hope is is that the families that have been reunited can enjoy the next several days and weeks understanding that because of the efforts of president clinton and gore, they are able to be with each other once again. >> secretary of state hillary clinton said that although the united states worked with north korea to free the journalists she considers her husband's mission a private one. >> i want to be sure people don't confuse what bill did, which was a private humanitarian mission to bring these young women home with our policy which continues to be one that gives choices to north korea. they can continue on the path they are
post" gelman and tge. >>> news we use every morning, fast forward through top headlines. new economic data reveals recession still has a grip over much of the country. retail sales fell 4%, worse than expected. adding concerns jobless claims raised by 4,000. >>> a deadly end to a police chief in detroit. a man careens into a power pole. the truck burst into flames killing the driver. no one else was injured seriously. you can see it right now on the screen. >>> scottish authorities considering an early compassionate release for the only man convicted in the bombing of flight 103 over lockerbie scotland. he was sentenced in 2001 to the attack which ultimately killed 270 people including 180 american. on the "today" show, a mother of a victim expressed her anger over the idea. >> we are the victims. we are tossed aside. i can only tell you megrahi is guilty, should serve time. the human rights records are the worst in the world and instead i see appeasement. >> a lot of pain there. defense team is saying he's dying of cancer and should be granted release to spend remaining days with him
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